Nintx - Next Innovative Therapeutics


Originated in Brazil at the beginning of 2021 to translate complex biological interactions (plants and microorganisms) into novel therapies, Nintx (Next Innovative Therapeutics) believes plant-based natural products bear huge potential to serve as a superb platform to modulate human biological targets and the microbiome concomitantly, affording therapies for multifactorial diseases (multi-target therapies).
Nintx was founded by two experienced PhD scientists, Dr. Miller Freitas (CEO) and Dr. Cristiano Guimarães (CSO), who are the main executives of the company, and Mr. Stephani Saverio, MBA, a healthcare veteran who has been acting as a Non-Executive Advisory Board Member for the startup.
Nintx is a startup with innovation as core business, right at the center of the strategy, heavily based on advanced technologies, coupled with the Brazilian biodiversity, the most biologically diverse in the world, to develop the next generation of therapies. Some of Nintx’s proprietary technologies include xGIbiomics®, which closely emulates the human gastrointestinal digestive system and microbiome, and GAIApath®, an artificial intelligence and analytics solution to map and select medicinal plants with the ability to modulate targets and the microbiome concomitantly. Nintx’s cutting-edge technologies and concepts will be key in the future development of multi-target therapies.


Founder & CEO

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Founder & CSO

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Founder & Non-Executive Advisory Board Member

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“Brazil has an unparalleled biological diversity. At Nintx, we are bringing together the most advanced technologies with the best professionals, the strongest partners and investors to generate a unique and scalable platform capable of creating a therapeutic powerhouse fueled by our incredible biological richness.”

Miller Freitas
Founder & CEO

“The advances in analytical, ‘omics’, and screening technologies, which can now be augmented by data science and analytics methodologies, are crucial to decode the molecular crosstalk between the different species. This can boost research on microbiome derived therapies and reboot natural products-based drug discovery. Natural products will continue to inspire novel discoveries in chemistry, biology, and medicine for many generations.”

Cristiano Guimarães
Founder & CSO

“The potential for generating value from biodiversity is enormous but remains largely untapped. Besides the science in Brazil and the technological developments recently achieved, it is important to highlight the advanced legal and regulatory framework to access the Brazilian Biodiversity currently operational in the country, which is contributing to the formation of a perfect storm that can reveal new players in the global R&D arena. We believe Nintx is such player and can inspire others to follow.”

Stephani Saverio
Founder & Advisory Board Member

There are basically two discovery processes to identify active isolated compounds, fractions, and extracts from nature: (i) Bioprospection and (ii) Ethnopharmacology. The former is based on the fact that natural products possess enormous structural and chemical diversity that cannot be matched by synthetic small molecules. Thus, the chance of finding hits in high-throughput screening (HTS) campaigns uncovering pharmacological activity in humans is greatly increased when using libraries of natural products built from expeditions in different biomes. Ethnopharmacology starts with the sociocultural knowledge that has mapped the pharmacological activity of natural products over the years. However, differently from the millenary accounts on the use of plants and microorganisms to cure and prevent diseases, Ethnopharmacology makes use of systematic bioassays coupled with analytical techniques to unravel their pharmacological and toxicological effects. Nintx has a pipeline of innovative research programs, many of them in partnership with companies and research institutes.
Bioprospection (in partnership with CNPEM). Nintx and CNPEM (Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials) celebrated a partnership with the support of Embrapii (Brazilian Company for Industrial Research and Innovation) to exponentialize natural products from the Brazilian biodiversity as a platform to develop three novel therapies for multifactorial diseases (multi-target therapies) in the following therapeutic areas: cardiometabolic, immunology, and infectious diseases.
Ethnopharmacology (in partnership with ADESTE). Nintx and Adeste, which has over 1,200 employees and business relationships in more than 40 countries in the food, human health, and animal nutrition sectors, celebrated a partnership to develop novel therapies for multifactorial diseases (multi-target therapies) and the first project is based on promising compounds existent in a raw material from the Amazon with a potential application in the cardiometabolic therapeutic area.
Ethnopharmacology (in partnership with CIEnP). Nintx and CIEnP (Center for Innovation and Preclinical Trials) celebrated a partnership with the support of Embrapii (Brazilian Company for Industrial Research and Innovation) to map, select, and experiment on medicinal plants to develop multi-target therapies against chronic multifactorial inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.